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April 25, 2011 – Interview with Claire McGee, Author of I Believe Therefore I Am, Part 2 – Master Key Coaching Teleseminars #39

Claire McGee, speaker, coach, and author of I Believe Therefore I Am, returned this week for the second part of her interview. Like the first part, it was amazing and massively informative.

Before we jump into what was discussed this week, let’s quickly review last week’s discussion. (Let’s see if I can do this in just a paragraph or two!)

Claire McGee was diagnosed with with a rare genetic disorder that left her practically an invalid. Rather than succumbing to fear and depression and living the rest of her life like that, she made the conscious decision to live rather than exist. By changing her beliefs and taking “baby steps,” Claire retrained herself to walk and overcome that which ailed her. She is now an acclaimed speaker and her book I Believe Therefore I Am is about to be released by Kallisti Publishing.

Here’s a snippet from last week’s interview that will give you an idea of Claire’s perspicacity and insight…

Pretty awesome, yes?

Use the affirmation that Claire shared in that video snippet and start earning your $10,000 per month! You know you want to!

OK, let’s get on with part two of our interview…

Making It Clear About Claire and Her Disease

Claire McGee is the author of I Believe Therefore I AmI received an email from a listener who had a question about Claire’s disease and how she handled. He wanted to know if Claire believes that she cured herself of her disease.

That’s a very good question — and it’s also something that we’ve discussed a few times over the course of these teleseminars.

Claire made clear that she did not cure herself of her disease — Congenital Fiber Type Disproportion Myopathy. As she stated in the interview, she knows that she will have this condition “until the day she dies.”

What she did do, though, was overcome the symptoms that made her an invalid. She didn’t wallow in despair and self-pity and depression. She didn’t fall into the blank void of hopelessness.

At least not for too long until she snapped out of it.

Claire made the conscious decision to focus on the things she could do and the things she could improve rather than focus on the things that she couldn’t.

To retrain herself to walk, Claire began with “baby steps.” She started by merely standing on her own two feet for as long as she could. When she mastered that, she ambled about her house. When she became comfortable with that, she walked outside.

Eventually, she was walking around the block. Then to the park near her house.

It was a process. A long, arduous process.

But one that eventually allowed her to live a completely normal and active life.

I think this is enlightening on many levels. As we’ve discussed many times when we were going through The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel, things don’t happen overnight. Most of the things we do in life aren’t going to be resolved in a “sit-com fashion” — meaning they won’t be resolved by the end of the third commercial break.

To really accomplish things, especially those things relating to our health, it will take time, effort, and really pushing through our mental boundaries.

With faith and effort on our side combined with some belief and faith, we can accomplish just about anything.

Listen to Claire as she described what she went through. You’ll be inspired. I guarantee it!

A Simple Exercise That Will Change Your World

In our first interview with Claire, she shared two awesome exercises with us — and a lot of other information. If you’ve taken the time to implement what Claire suggested, then I am highly confident that you’re encountering some massively positive changes.

One thing about the exercises that Claire developed is this: they are usually very simple. So simple, in fact, that you’ll slap yourself in the forehead and say to yourself “Why didn’t I notice that!”

As Claire likes to say, she likes to “make the obvious obvious again.”

The exercise that Claire shared this week is no exception.

Here’s the gist of it: At least once per day, take the time to sincerely compliment someone you meet in your daily travels. Just a simple and honest compliment.

  • “My you have nice eyes!”
  • “I really like your hair.”
  • “I like the tie you’re wearing. You wear it well.”

Get it?

And that’s it.

What can you expect from doing that?

While the exercise is simple, it’s effects are profound.

You see, you will be affecting yourself deeply. Think about how you usually go through your day. I bet that you consciously and unconsciously judge and criticize the people you see and meet. Am I right? Of course I am …

Now, instead of allowing yourself to do that automatically, you are going to sort of force yourself to look at people and for opportunities to compliment people.

Think about how that will change your thinking and you beliefs if you practiced this for a week. A month.

Instead of looking at people and seeing everything that’s wrong with them, you’ll look at people and notice everything that’s good.

Can you see the benefit in that?

I think you can.

So do this exercise. Really compliment that people whose paths you cross.

Remember that by changing yourself, you’ll be changing your world.

Claire’s Book I Believe Therefore I Am

I Believe Therefore I Am by Claire McGee
Reserve your copy of Claire McGee's I Believe Therefore I Am now!

Claire’s book I Believe Therefore I Am is going to be released in early May. You can reserve your copy now, though, and save 25%!

I highly recommend that you do so. It truly is an amazing book.

It is up to you to alter your own reality and make it whatever you want it to be. It is up to you to realize what habits are controlling your life and change them if the purpose they are serving is self destructive. You are destined to repeat experiences over and over again until the day you gain the self awareness to do something about it—to succeed.

This book was created to do just that: To teach you how to program your mind for success. In the pages within, you will visit the reasons for the habits you have created throughout your many years of existence and experience. You will begin to realize what habits you have developed that are self destructive and those which have help to advance your life.

Here’s what a reader of an advance copy of I Believe Therefore I Am wrote.

I was going through a very rough patch in my life and knew I needed to change my thinking. I have read many books about positive thinking, The Secret being the most recognizable to your subscribers. These have all laid the foundation to the mindset of “being what we think”; however, your book is the only one that gave specific exercises, examples and methods to actually be able to change how I think. The most beneficial exercises to me were the pros and cons list and the catch and release exercise. Who knew that the “bad” things I remember from my past actually had positive outcomes! What a great way to look at life! I practice the mirror exercise every morning, I do my affirmations and I visualize the outcome.

I AM achieving prosperity in all areas of my life.  My outlook toward many things has been changed, in a very positive way. I have written my mission statement and my children have as well. We all have the summary from the end of the book typed up and taped on our mirrors as a daily reminder.

Near the beginning of the book you speak about the Compliment exercise.  Let me tell you, I noticed the difference immediately. Not only in myself, but complete strangers on the street. People are now saying hello to me while passing on the sidewalk without me saying a word! Great book, great read and it’s wonderful you are making it available to everyone.

Pretty incredible, yes?

Reserve your copy of I Believe Therefore I Am now.

Also, visit www.facebook.com/IBelieveThereforeIAm and get more insights and information from Claire.

Take of advantage of all this. You’ll be glad that you did!

Until next week, please get for yourself the best of everything!

Tune in. Unlock. Attain. Share!
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