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February 21, 2011 – Charles F. Haanel, the Hidden Manna, and the Mind Made Perfect – Master Key Coaching Teleseminars #31

Master Key Arcana. The “lost” parts of The Master Key System. “The Hidden Manna.”

That’s what we began this week on the 31st episode of the Master Key Coaching Teleseminars.

I think that this episode may be the most misunderstood episode that I’ve done to date.

There’s a good reason for that.

What we discussed was very tricky subject matter.

Once again we returned to the question whether we can heal ourselves with our minds — whether we can achieve perfect health. While discussing that, I asked more questions than I answered.

Yes, the obvious question was raised: Can we heal (or cure or just plain ol’ achieve perfect health) by having the correct mindset?

There were others, though.

Let’s take what Haanel wrote in point #10 of “The Hidden Manna” in Master Key Arcana (which is Week 25, one of the “lost” parts of The Master Key System).

10. When man’s mind is made perfect, then — and then only — will the body be able perfectly to express itself.

The first question that comes to my mind is, Do we have to achieve perfection or is close enough good enough?

After that, the questions just flow.

What is a mind “made perfect”?

Is that “perfection” unique to each individual or is there an actual state of perfection?

In other words, what does “perfection” — in this specific case — mean?

If there is a state of a mind “made perfect,” can we even achieve it? In other words, can we ever achieve this perfection when perfection rarely — if ever — exists?

Even though we are going to leave these questions unanswered, we are compelled to move on to new ones.

How long does it take for one to achieve this perfection? If we use The Master Key System as the plan for achieving a perfect mind, then we can assume it would be quite a while. Yes, it does take a person twenty-four weeks to go through the method, but it takes longer — much longer — to perfect many of the exercises. (As you know, those of you who have been listening regularly, one doesn’t need to perfect them to gain great value from them!)

That being the case, is it even worth it to get a perfect mind in order to get perfect health because it just might be too late? It might takes years — decades? — to achieve the perfect mind. What if one only has a few years left to live?

Additionally, if a person is being ravaged by a disease, would he or she be able to undertake the rigorous mental work necessary to achieve the perfect mind that would then allow the body to “express perfectly”?

You see, tough questions.

There aren’t many — if any — answers.

I don’t have them. That’s why I posed them during this teleseminar.

They are there for you to answer.

For yourself.

A caller made an excellent point during the Questions & Answers session regarding point #1.

1. We live in a fathomless sea of plastic mind substance. This substance is ever alive and active. It is sensitive to the highest degree. It takes form according to mental demand. Thought forms the mould or matrix from which the substance expresses. Our ideal is the mould from which our future will emerge.

“We live in a fathomless sea of plastic mind substance.”

The caller, our resident sun-loving Floridian “John in Orlando,” stated that the “plastic” metaphor is a lot like evolution and that we see it happening around us every day.

I like that thought.

I think the grander point is that we are all evolving according to our own “plan.” Regardless of whether or not a state of perfection exists and whether or not we can attain it, anything we do to improve our condition — mentally, physically — is better than what we were. It’s evolution. Maybe we’ll never hit the “mark” — perfection — but we’ll always be getting better.

Perhaps — just perhaps — coming to a true understanding and realization of that is the mark of a mind “made perfect.”

Have a listen to this week’s episode. As I stated at the beginning of this article, it has more questions than answers. They’re there for a reason, though.

Think about them.

All the best!

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