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July 26, 2010 – What Should You Be Learning As You Study the Master Key System? – Master Key Coaching Teleseminar

This is it. The very first Master Key Coaching Teleseminar! Join us every week as we discuss Charles F. Haanel‘s The Master Key System.

Tony’s Monologue

My monologue for this first Master Key Coaching Teleseminar was in two parts. The first part dealt with introducing myself and going over how these calls will be run; in the second part, I described the five main things one should get from reading and studying The Master Key System.

To learn who I am, please visit my blog and click on “Tony Michalski.”

During these calls, you can expect a few things.

  • I tend to stay away from what I call “trite tropes,” those superficial sayings that are common in personal development but upon closer examination really mean nothing. You’ll get the real deal with me. I won’t cut corners nor will I rely on the common notions that have been “sold” to you far too much.
  • These calls will not be spiritually based. What I deliver will generally be practical and based on my observations and experiences. I won’t wax on idea that cannot be proven.
  • There will be plenty of times where you will disagree with me. That’s fine! That’s why there’s a “Questions & Answer” portion of the call as well as the comments section on this blog. Let’s talk!
  • These calls will be rated “PG-13.” We’re all adults. We’ve all heard the “dirty words.” Every so often, no other word will fit. I’m not saying this will be a cuss-fest, but don’t be shocked if you should hear an expletive now and then.

Why these calls now?

Since I’ve been publishing The Master Key System and the Complete Master Key Course, I’ve received (and answered!) literally thousands of calls and emails about Haanel‘s philosophy of success. From speaking with so many people, I noticed that the vast majority completely miss the point of The Master Key System, thus they’re not getting results.

Most of the observations I make on these calls come from the work I’ve done with my Master Key Coaching clients.

What Should You Be Learning As You Study the Master Key System?

Since 2000, when I began publishing The Master Key System, I’ve observed how other people, coaches, and publishers advertise or talk about the book. The most common description is that it is the “handbook about the Law of Attraction.”

Surprisingly, I think just the opposite. While the law of attraction is discussed in The Master Key System, it’s not the book’s (or, I dare say, Haanel‘s) main talking point.

From my years of study and coaching, I’ve found five main things you should learn from this philosophy. As you now read and study the book, keep these points in mind — you’ll see the book from a totally different perspective and you’ll reap great rewards from it.

  1. You will learn how to focus.
    To be able to focus is the ability to dedicate your mind (your thoughts) to one problem (or goal) for an extended period of time. By mastering this skill, you’ll far outreach most people, who flitter from one thing to the other without result.
  2. You will learn how to achieve mental clarity.
    Instead of a brain and thoughts beset with “noise,” you’ll see things clearly — rationally. You will rid yourself of the “shibboleths” of your mind.
  3. You will se the things in the world for what they are rather than what they appear to be.
    Instead of seeing symbols and perceptions, you will see things truly — objectively.
  4. You will learn the greatest skill of all: how to THINK.
  5. You will learn that the Master Key System is really about solving problems.

The Master Key System is not a “magic” book. Merely by reading it will you attain anything. You must put this philosophy into action. You must use it!

If you’re looking to learn how to “manifest,” you will not get that here. Fortunately (or unfortunately), there are plenty of “teachers” that teach that. If you want to learn how to really attain and achieve, then stay here. You’ll be glad that you did!

The Questions & Answers

The questions posed during this teleseminar were:

What is the number one book on my list of the only ten books you need to read to succeed?

Was The Master Key System a part of the New Thought movement?

What do I get from doing these teleseminars? Am I an altruist?

A caller expands on the beginnings of and the main movers in the New Thought movement.

What did I mean by “mental clarity”?

How can one overcome paralyzing fear?

Why don’t they teach this stuff in school/college?

Please note: I made one major error during this call. I forgot to disable the new attendee tone. Thus, whilst you’re listening, you will occasionally hear a tone. I apologise for that.

Update: I know on the call I said that I planned to split the audio into two parts: the monologue and the question and answer session. Obviously, I didn’t. When I listened to it here, it just didn’t “work.” So, I made it as one convenient, downloadable file. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Tune in. Unlock. Attain. Share!
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  1. B. Rabston says:

    This writing is made up of some quite engrossing info that one hardly ever finds out. And the point made is unavoidable – though in my eyes i cannot realize why this type of shift in attitude .

    • Tony says:

      You know what? That’s fine! 🙂 We don’t have to agree on everything with this “stuff.” Arguments lead to learning — and greater understanding.

      Have fun … Tony.

  2. Faith says:

    Respect to the author of fantastic text. I am want to say thanks for excellent words, and thanks to google, because i find your blog.

  3. Dan says:

    Tony, I needed to take a break from my studies there for a while but I’m back and have just checked out your first podcast here. I have to say, you are to be congratulated heartily for doing all of this work for the benefit of all. It’s a perfect example of cheerfully and unselfishly giving back, or perhaps I should say “paying it forward.” I hope you benefit as much from it as the people who you’re serving.

    It’s also a great example of the true power of the internet to bring knowledge in a powerful way to all manner of people all over the world who would otherwise not have access to it. I have a long-term goal to do something similar, albeit for a completely different topic, so it’s nice to see a good example already up and running.

    Peace and prosperity,


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